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I haven't decided yet how serious I'll take this project. All I can say is that this blog is one hundred percent about sex, love and pizza. Feel free to touch yourself.

This blog is NSFW. I don't own any of the photos I post on this blog. Please leave if you're under 18.

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It’s been hard to find solace outside of sleep, lately. Dressing up in lingerie was certainly fun, and I couldn’t help prancing around my apartment with a drink in hand, but nothing will compare to the comfort that these sheets provide. Sending love your way,KMA

I am literally so jealous of all you women who wear lingerie so well. You look amazingly sexy and wanton. I hope the drink was exactly what you needed to loosen up and enjoy yourself between the sheets.

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July 28 2014


the cabin series - here or there

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July 25 2014

Sweet lioness, 
I often find myself feeble in the knees when a man can persuade my course of mind, and slip into the foretelling intimacy through minuscule gestures.
I always yearn to be distracted, and seeing this handsome face teasing me until my thighs quiver in desire is enough to divert my attention from Skyrim and visually trace his every move until I get lost in the almost surreal sensations.
For this is a powerful gesture yet the human tongue promotes such a soft invitation.
It’s the fantasy of distraction that pulls my interest away and I always seem to fall weak to the dominant source. 
(You’re lovely as always)

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July 25 2014


Love him

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July 25 2014


Sarah, please let us come into bed with you?
Get her in her birthday suit HERE

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July 24 2014

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July 24 2014


Good morning everyone! Just getting ready to have some breakfast ;)

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July 23 2014


Dear Lioness, 
London and I are on a little vacation for the next few days! 
We plan on taking advantage of our time away from reality and embracing the luxuries of our getaway. 
We started off our vacation the best way possible: with local coffee, rough sex, watching tv naked, and a gourmet dinner!
Wishing you all the best,
- Nakedenglishbreakfast

Well this just sounds perfect! That sounds like a perfect way to start of any day - not just on vacation. You two look absolutely divine together and i’m’ so envious of the way you grasp each others hands. Thanks for sharing your affection with us.

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July 22 2014


Lioness,Nothing is permanent in this world, not even our troubles. I find myself most at peace when I am outside, surrounded by all things natural and untampered with.That’s how everyone should feel about their bodies as well, in my opinion. Feeling comfortable in the skin you’re were given is synonymous with loving yourself.Don’t forget that.-Laura

Wise words from a remarkable woman. The best us is the unfiltered version of who we are. You look absolutely gorgeous here - at one with nature. Thank you for this reminder and for spreading some of your beauty here on CC. 

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July 22 2014


Having looked at your recent bath set I was inspired to attempt a reproduction, unfortunately my shower head is fixed, however I did discover the tap works just as well, oh SO well!
Lots of love, Mamma xxx

The moveable faucet in our tub in Montreal made me wonder how I’d ever lived without one. Fixed taps definitely take some more manoeuvring, but I’m glad you figured out the right angles to make it work. I’m happy to hear our photos were a source of inspiration to you. It definitely makes me feel good to know we helped contribute to this sexy moment.-Trouble

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July 22 2014

Forth 1/166
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